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About CMK Culinary Art School

CMK Culinary art school started with a hard-earned saving of N150,000 in 2013. We are proud of our humble begining and proud of what CMK has become today.

The international recognition Culinary came into existence because someone desired to go attend a Culinary school in his country, Nigeria but couldn’t find any, instead of enjoying himself with the little he earned from a miner job he decided to starve to create a world-class culinary institute in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Cmk culinary

CMK Culinary to the World

At CMK Culinary Art School, we invest quality time and resources in building our students and creative both national and international opportunities for all our students.

What Our Students Have to Say

Chef Honey

It’s been 1year now since I graduated from CMK Culinary Art School, with memories like yesterday.
I have always wanted to be a chef, till I came across CMK Culinary on Instagram. Talk about a leap of faith! The people I met there and the experiences I had both in and out of the… Read more “Chef Honey”

Chef Honey

Chef Cyndy

My name is chef Cyndy an ex-student of CMK culinary, when I first started my training at CMK Culinary I almost gave up, I felt I couldn’t do it, it looked all foreign to me,but all thanks to chef Ans , chef Diya, chef Emma, chef Rob, they all helped, they made it soo easy… Read more “Chef Cyndy”

Chef Cyndy

Chef Diamond

I am Abigail Chinyere Enyinnaya (chef diamond) and I can cook, I did a five months professional course in CMK Culinary school, and so far it’s the best decision that I have made, I came into the culinary world with no much idea on cuisines and patisserie, but with hard work, strive to learn helped… Read more “Chef Diamond”

Chef Diamond

Chef Kate

My experience at CMK Culinary is one that I would not forget in a hurry. I started the journey with only the expectation to learn how to cook certain foods. Little did I know that being a professional Chef involves hard work, discipline and organization. We were trained to be professional Chefs not just cooks.… Read more “Chef Kate”

Chef Kate

Chef Hippie

Hello Everyone! My name is Obiageli Lekwa Ekine or You can just call me Chef Hippie. Yes, I am A professional Chef, i just graduated from CMK Culinary Art School, Portharcourt branch. I want to let you in on my culinary journey.
First I have a passion for food. I love to cook and… Read more “Chef Hippie”

Obiageli Lekwa Ekine

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Our Programs

1 Month Basic Cookery

Course Fee: NGN120,000

You will learn a whole lot of kitchen fundamentals and basic cooking techniques, food presentation and lots of simple practical cooking.

1 Month Basic Baking

Course Fee: NGN125,000

Everything I’ve ever had in the oven didn’t turn out great”, there’s a solution because now with us you will understand why the dough products go wrong,

1 Month Nigerian Cooking Program

Course Fee: NGN200,000

Considering scaling up your Naija foods as a house wife , mother, caterer?, do you wish to learn more of Nigeria regional foods,

4 Months Professional Cookery

Course Fee: NGN350,000

Take a dive today and don’t look back, your position of either become a line cook, chef de patie and more is waiting

4 Months Professional Baking and Pastry Program

Course Fee: NGN360,000

Learning to bake is like learning to speak. You never get it all right immediately, but you have to keep learning. We have a direction and we know where you’re headed.

6 Months Professional Culinary Art

Course Fee: NGN580,000

Going professional would require you to bridge the gap between cuisine and pastry as we see all that in different cooking techniques as you would come to comprehend.

9 Months Professional Diploma

Course Fee: NGN1,150,000

While passion is required to become a chef, more is needed to earn our prestigious diploma Culinary Certificate. Welcome to the hilltop of Culinary career.

5 Months Diploma Patisserie

Course Fee: NGN520,000

You may not develop overnight but, you must be nurtured. Patience, intuition, instincts and craft is the binding ingredient for personal growth. See you soon!

Certified and professionals

Meet Our Instructors


Chef Diya

HOD Patisserie

I am a passionate self-trained Pastry chef with high intuition for desserts. Living in French-speaking country, bread was fascinating to me, the lineage of my love for pastry. I was a member of the faculty of humanities and social science

More Detail
Chef Anselyn

Chef Anselyn

Head Chef Instructor and Founder

Chef Anselyn is a change catalyst through blending better life living with food, he is the conveyor of COS (Culinary Over Suicide) a yearly event that provides hope to young people through food education, the founder of the BCE (Black Chef Africa)

More Detail
Chef Robinson Patrick

Chef Rob Patrick


Chef Rob Patrick, a sugarcraft artist before and during university days with a very strong belief in creativity, he believes that Art and Food are limitless so he decided to pursue a huge career with Nigeria leading Culinary school (CMK Culinary)

More Detail
Cmk culinary

Meet The Founder

The Vision of CMK Culinary Art started with Chef Anselyn whose drive and passion was to fill the knowledge gap in culinary education in Nigeria. Chef Anselyn is America Culinary Federation and Gastronomic Culinary School Miami certified among others

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