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CMK Culinary's History

CMK Culinary art school started with a hard-earned saving of N150,000 in 2013. We are proud of our humble begining and proud of what CMK has become today.

The international recognition Culinary came into existence because someone desired to go attend a Culinary school in his country, Nigeria but couldn’t find any, instead of enjoying himself with the little he earned from a miner job he decided to starve to create a world-class culinary institute in Nigeria and Africa at large.

We started from an uncompleted building, set to be a dispute property, with different owners. In less than a year, we experience a fire accident that was meant to be a setback but we didn’t Give up because of YOU, yes because of our dream of creating a standard and world-recognized culinary school.

CMK Culinary Art School now have 2 world standard campuses in heart of Lagos and Portharcourt. Welcome to the world of endless possibilities, welcome to CMK CULINARY

Our Port harcourt Campus

Our arrival into the city of Port Harcourt started the first proper Culinary education centre in the entire Rivers State. We are the huge conveyor of community programs that are set to promote the sustainability of mankind through food education and food-related activities internationally and locally


At CMK culinary we are intentional about your success thereby supporting our students ( past and present)through refresher industry training base on new developments or industrial prerequisites

We are the first Nigeria Culinary Institute representing the entire Nation at an international level: Young Chef Olympiad

What Next After Culinary Education

One question in the heart of anyone who wants to become a chef is usually WHAT NEXT AFTER CULINARY EDUCATION, What are the OPPORTUNITIES for me!? There are many employment and business opportunities open for chefs to access and accomplish success. There is a long list of successful chefs who were once our students but now enjoying and living their dreams. Below is a list of few options for you after CMK culinary education.