Chef Anselyn
Culinary Instructor
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Current WorkCmk Culinary Art school
Past WorkEko Hotels & Suits
Specialist InContinental dishes, French cuisines,Staff development, Culinary Entrepreneur
Experience12 years


Chefs Anselyn started cooking at the age of six which attracted a media interaction on his cooking history with Vanguard in 2013, a full page. He holds a National Diploma in Hotel and catering management, He is a certified Chef by Making of a chef Nigeria. He holds an associate chef degree with Raw culinary Art South Africa, He is a certified chef by AMERICA culinary Federation America. He has over 10 years experience with Eko Hotel and Suites where he made his way to a rank of a Sous chef. He is the founder of Young chef Academy Nigeria, He is a TV chef and on his knowledge, many catering and restaurant menus and kitchens are set up and managed, his cooking skill got him a new name from his past student chefs "a culinary assassin" chef Anselyn is outstanding and teaches like an angel