Current WorkCmk Culinary Art school
Specialist In‎Small chops,Pastries,Salads,Deserts,Cakes & decoration,Drinks ( cocktail) ,Breakfast recipe
Experience5 years


Combine the rich and proud heritage of the Igbos and the diverse multicultural lifestyle that is Lagos and you'd get Jenny Awa.| Born, and raised in lagos, to a family where cookery is not just a necessary routine but an ancient tradition,Jenny has also added official training to all these having attended the reknown CMK culinary art school . It doesnt get better than this | A graduate of biochemistry from UNN, Jenny believes that cooking is an art and should be studied, created and recreated to give pure delight to whoever eats it. At the end of her study at CMK culinary, she was retained to as Culinary Art Assisting Chef.