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Cooking with wine is a unique and compelling way to add flavour and depth to your meals. For many, choosing which wine to cook with means only going as far as the leftover bottle from their last meal, or perhaps combining a blend of open bottles from the refrigerator.

Cooking with wine does not change all of its characteristics, and a bottle of wine that is mediocre to begin with usually yield a mediocre meal at best. This doesn’t mean that you just go out and purchase an expensive bottle, but instead, that you should put some thought into the type and quality of wine that you are using and how you would like it to flavour your meal.

What to learn from this Course

– Cooking with Wine: Tips and techniques

– Add Wine to your Favourite Recipes

– Deglazing with Wine

– Wine Sauce

– Marinading & Brasing with Wine

– Recipes for Success

What You Would Learn

– Red Wine Varietals

– Storing red Wine

– Popular Red Wine Varietal

– Recipe for Success

A good rule of thumb is that, a wine good enough to cook should be good enough to drink

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