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TypeOnline Course
DateNov 16, 2015 - Nov 30, 2015
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 Whether you’re a serious home cook or a culinary school hopeful looking to sharpen your cooking skills at home, our online cooking classes will put you on the right path. Written by professional chefs, each lesson features up-to-date culinary tips and advice, not to mention tasty recipes. Topics include basic cooking techniques, seafood, meat and vegetable preparation, wine, and more.

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What do culinary students, newlyweds and hipster foodies have in common? A sense of fear (or at least utter confusion) when tasked with knife shopping. Who can blame them? Any way you slice it, the perfect knife set can make cooking simpler and more enjoyable. The problem: cutting through your options is no easy feat. From specialty fillet knives to workhorse chef’s blades, the world of knives is likely larger (and more complicated) than you could ever imagine. Fret not, boggled knife hunters: You can master the ins and outs of blade buying (@ CMK Culinary Art School). Trusty us we are  well stocked with guides and tutorials that make knife selection easier for even the most novice cook, and our  resources prove it.


Section 1introduction
Section 2Culinary Knives - Guides And Resources
Section 3Food And Drink Pairing
Section 4The Principles Of Plating
Section 5Defining Menu Courses
Section 6Cooking Tools And Equipment
Section 7Conclusion
Final Quiz