InstructorChef Anselyn
TypeOnsite Course
Time10 am - 2 pm
Place39 Osolo Way Ajao Estate Lagos 36, Trans Amadi Rumuobiakani Port Harcourt Nigeria
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Culinary Arts Professional

[ A 5 Months Course Program ]

Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship is a combination of the food, beverage and business areas. If you have interest and creativity in these areas, you may like the idea of becoming an entrepreneur where you will manage and operate your own business or work with an international company. The program builds on the strong links between; food, wine, culinary practice, and business, providing students with the opportunity to work in dynamic food and beverage related industries.

Get Ready to Build – and Live – Your Vision

You are an innovator. When you close your eyes, you see yourself managing and building a culinary business – maybe even your own. CMK Culinary Management  program offers a complete, sophisticated, and pragmatic curriculum that you need to achieve your dream – and keep it successful. We will teach you how to connect with your audience and market your establishment so that your culinary enterprise succeeds.

Learn from Industry Experts

Our seasoned instructors have opened dozens of their own restaurants, catering businesses, and food shops in New York and around the country. Most are also active consultants, passing along their freshest insights and experiences, eager to share their knowledge and perspective with you. They will teach you how to make your business generate the right impression and cater to your audience so that customer loyalty will grow. You will get a sense of how to troubleshoot business problems, analyze changing trends, and make fiscal modifications to keep your venture profitable. Through case studies, role playing, and group projects, we will train you to make good decisions for your team and your business.
Our students’ varying goals and past experiences keep our program unique. Your typical classroom will include career changers from diverse professions such as marketing, finance, nursing, and IT; recent college and high school graduates; and even working chefs and restaurant owners who want to learn more about the business side of restaurants.

What will I learn on this program? 

Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship provides you with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to operate your own culinary business reflecting the development and professional practice of food and beverage industries worldwide.

The program has culinary modules which have been specifically designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills to develop their own food product or business. You will also be skilled in the necessary business areas having studied modules such as Communications, Financial & Cost Accounting, International Food Law, Project Management & Entrepreneurship and Consumer Behaviour & Sociology. These are essential whether managing your own business or working for a national or international company.

Combine Business and Culinary Expertise

Pursue your vision with every tool to succeed. Enrolling in our Culinary  Management program in addition to either the Culinary Arts or Pastry & Baking Arts programs gives you the opportunity to “double major” and again, bringing you knowledge and expertise in both while offering valuable tuition incentives.

Start Here With Us – Then Go Anywhere

Nigeria is your culinary atlas – with instant access to the finest restaurants and best chefs, we will take you directly to our sources to show you on-site operations that succeed. You will be able to connect with our alumni who, ultimately, will connect you.
We offer you the opportunity to form relationships that act as your career lifelines, and by the end of the program, your instructors will be your colleagues.

What are my career opportunities?

There are diverse opportunities available including: starting your own artisan food related and retail food and wine business. Entrepreneurial opportunities exist for ownership of a variety of culinary and food based operations.

Course Content

  • Artisan Foods
  • Communications
  • Culinary Science: Food Safety
  • Food & Beverage Studies
  • Management Principles
  • Services Marketing
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Nutrition (Diet Health & Disease)
  • Consumer Behavior & Sociology
  • Dissertation Research
  • Financial Management
  • Quality Services Management
  • Managing Training & Development for Hospitality
  • Project Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Food Product Development
  • Pastries
  • Salads
  • Continental soups
  • Chinese cuisine
  • Italian cuisine
  • French cuisine
  • Desserts
  • Use of cream
  • Use of wine & acid
  • Stock making
  • Poultry food
  • Seafood
  • Dairy foods
  • Knife skills
  • Basic methods of cooking
  • Food recycling
  • Food handling
  • Food preservation
  • presentation and garnishing
  • Breakfast recipes

After proper registration, you are entitled to a free

  • Chef jacket
  • Apron
  • Handout
  • And every other ingredient you would need

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