Culinary Art Diploma

CULINARY ART Diploma [9 Months Program]

Our Culinary Arts Diploma is a combination of the food, beverage and business areas

Get Ready to Build and Live your Vision

You are an innovator. When you close your eyes, you see yourself running a professional kitchen – maybe even your own. CMK Culinary management program offers a complete, sophisticated and pragmatic curriculum that you need to achieve your dream and keep it successful.

Learn from Industry Experts

Our seasoned instructors with dozens of food services experience and technical knowledge in food sector, most are also active consultants, passing along their freshest insights and experience, eager to share their knowledge an perspective with you.

What Will I Learn?

Culinary Art Diploma provides you with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to operate a culinary business reflecting the development and professional practice of food and beverage industries worldwide

If you have interest and creativity in these areas, you may like the idea of becoming a food entrepreneur where you will manage and operate your own business or work with an international company. The program builds on the strong links between; food, wine, culinary practices, and business, provoking students with the opportunity to work in dynamic food and beverage related industries.

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