CULINARY ART Professional [ A 6 Months Course ]

Welcome to the Foundation of Your Career, Consider how much there is to learn, and how far you want to go.

Course Outline

Pastries | Salads | Continental soups | Chinese cuisine | Italian cuisine | French cuisine | Deserts | Use of cream | Use of wine & acid | Stock making | Poultry food | Seafood | Dairy foods | Knife skills | Basic methods of cooking | Food recycling | Food handling | Food preservation | presentation and garnishing | Breakfast recipes

Application Requirements

| A motivational letter|Prove of education|2 passport photograph|Admission fee (₦10,000)

Upon Successful Registration

After proper registration you are entitled to a free
| Chef jacket (complete gear),| Apron| Handout| And every other ingredients you would need
Recognised as one of the top Culinary Arts programs in the nation, our award-winning 320-hour comprehensive curriculum is designed to teach you the actual practice and art of cooking and baking through theory, technique, palate training, speed, and teamwork. These will be your essentials for success in the culinary landscape.

Your Priority Is Learning. Ours Is You.

Now imagine a classroom where you and your progress matter. With no more than 10 students per class, you will learn the necessities required to thrive in the culinary industry, as well as forge the personal contacts that will guide you through your journey.

Every class will teach you a specific skill

Classes will intensify in difficulty as you continue to grow and develop. Beginning with basic palate training, our culinary arts chef-instructors will help train your senses, guiding you through the vast sea of subtle tastes and flavours, from herbs and condiments to vegetables and meats.

Your evolution will continue through an introduction

And subsequent mastery – of culinary techniques such as knife skills, dry and moist-heat cooking methods, sauce making, restaurant simulations, and pastry and baking, to name a few.
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