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[gdlr_tab title=”How do I book for a course?”]You can book for a course by simply clicking on the book button, but first, you must sign up it’s a prerequisite it only takes 2 mins.[/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”Are there free courses?”]Yes there are, but presently we have one free online course but you must sign up to take the course[/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”How do I make payments for a course?”]You can make payments through banks transfers or bank payments to the stipulated Banking details after which you upload a scanned copy of proof of payments and it will be confirmed by the school administrators or go to the school with it [/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”What are your banking details?”]We have two official Cooperate Banking Accounts
1. Bank name: Fidelity Bank Plc
Account Number: 5060025306
2. Bank name: Diamond Bank Plc
Account Number : 0035151017[/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”Are there Scholarship programs?”]Yes there are scholarship programs and courses being organized from time to time within the school’s calendar year but presently there are No ongoing scholarship programs [/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”Do you have provision for accommodations?”]Yes they are currently not available  [/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”Can I pay tuition fees in Installments?”]Yes we allow our potential and prospective students to pay in two installments 70% at the beginning of the program and the balance of 30% half way through the course in other to aids students who can’t pay in bulk[/gdlr_tab]

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