How To Cook A Great Dish


Learning how to cook a great dish – Cooking a great dish doesn’t only require having professional Culinary skill. You don’t really need to be a pro to do that.

My advice to you on how to cook a great dish will be the following:

1. Stay Fresh: 

Always buy fresh products, whether meat, vegetables, seafood etc. Bad products will only give you bad food.

2. Never totally trust your suppliers.

Always double-check to confirm products are fresh. Suppliers are looking for ways to sell off their products, so don’t be prey.

3. Mise en place:

Take your time to prep. Clean veggies, cutting boards are clean, proteins are cleaned and trimmed. Make sure everything you need for your dish is available within your reach.

4. Use simple combinations of ingredients while cooking:

Don’t make it too complicated by trying to use so many ingredients. Keep it simple

5. Recipe:

If you have written recipes, kindly follow it, stay on it, read it over and over again before cooking and again while cooking.

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6. Seasoning:

The most challenging part is this. Don’t be in a hurry to do this, try and do it last minute. Little at a time. NB. Put seasoning cubes before salt, let salt come last. Seasoning cubes also contain some amount of salt.

7. Temperature:

have a huge control of the temperature of your can lead to great food. Food might scotch if heat is very high or might go soggy if the temperature is very low, absolute control will make a great dish.

8. Cooking Methods:

Applying methods to your cooking can spur a great dish, learn some few methods and practice them with care.

9. Attention!!!

cooking requires attention, kindly give it. Divide attention can cause a huge mistake. Cooking needs absolute concentration

10. Hygiene:

Work and clean. Clean as you work, don’t say later.

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