How To Rise As A Young Chef


6 Key Tips Every Young Chef Should Know – How To Rise As A Young Chef.

Culinary education is fantastic and great when a student chef is well equipped with the right and quality education. The next step is likely going to be securing an entry-level professional chef career. Obviously after culinary education what next is WORK
A lot of young chefs find it hard to smoothly transit from culinary school classrooms to professional kitchen thereby finding the job frustrating at the early stage of their career. As a professional chef with more than 15 years of practical experience and 10 years of classrooms teaching experience, I am willing to help you avoid some potholes that can frustrate your career as a young chef. Usually what you saw in culinary school is going to be totally different from a real-life kitchen so keep these abreast 

1. Punctuality

Never be late to the kitchen as a young chef. You need to see how the kitchen kicks start in the morning remember Punctuality is the soul of business.

2. Keep your pen and paper close

Always have these to write, what you learnt in school is never same with real-life kitchen. The chefs twist a lot. Write down things you see because you will need them, chefs don’t really like repeating themselves, no time for history. 

3. Be Smart

 Be ready to do anything giving to you, humility on the test. Potato, carrots, garlic, ginger, will be most of your assignments. Most young chef fails here.

4. Don’t Argue:

Never argue with your chef, you may neither learn much nor rise. The restaurant menu is designed for a specific purpose, culinary school work is totally different, learn how it works there. 

5. You Need Speed

This is key for your survival in the kitchen. Young chefs must be energetic, ability to move fast and finish assignments on time! “Too late every time, throw him out”

6. Study… Read, study and practice.

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