Chef Anselyn
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Chef Anselyn Ugochukwu

Head Instructor Chef and Founder

Chef Anselyn, popularly known as Chef Ans, he started his career as a kitchen assistant at the prestigious Eko Hotel and suites to the level of chef de patie. He is certified by America Culinary Federation, a Certified chef by Gastronomic Culinary School Miami, a recipe developer for restaurants, eateries, kitchen consult, and a TV cooking show
Judge with Making of a chef Nigeria and The Next Africa Chef.


Chef Anselyn is a change catalyst through blending better life living with food, he is the conveyor of COS (Culinary Over Suicide) a yearly event that provides hope to young people through food education, the founder of the BCE (Black Chef Africa), a cooking competition that provides opportunities for aspiring young chef to compete for Culinary scholarship within Nigeria and Africa. “I am so passionate being a chef instructor, sharing my knowledge with you gives me joy and mentoring you is everything to me.”

I am a proud founder of CMK culinary and the executive chef and owner of Bisque Restaurant, a two style classic restaurant, located five minutes away from the international airport Lagos. Let me be your chef today