Chef Honey

It’s been 1year now since I graduated from CMK Culinary Art School, with memories like yesterday.
I have always wanted to be a chef, till I came across CMK Culinary on Instagram. Talk about a leap of faith! The people I met there and the experiences I had both in and out of the kitchen, only solidified my passion for cooking (and eating).cmkculinary was a fantastic experience, but didn’t come without its own challenges.
Meeting people from different tribes and learning how to work as a team wasn’t so easy, the kitchen in CMK Culinary is the most disciplined, regimented, and strict environment I’ve ever been in. Our Amazing chef Ans wanted us to succeed, but he wasn’t going to let us through without a fight. With his voice when he’s yelling yala…yala…yala… (smiles)
Can’t finish talking about my experiences at CMK Culinary without mentioning our beautiful, amazing, gifted, and very patient pastry chef (diya’s bite) A woman with heart of gold, despite teaching different kind of students with different characters. I admire Her patient with every one of her students. Its been 1year since I finished, still I can call her for her opinion and advice and she has not for once close her doors at me.
My Experience and exposure in Cmk opened my mind broader to No limit with my Dream as a chef.