Chef Kate

My experience at CMK Culinary is one that I would not forget in a hurry. I started the journey with only the expectation to learn how to cook certain foods. Little did I know that being a professional Chef involves hard work, discipline and organization. We were trained to be professional Chefs not just cooks. I also got to understand that food presentation is also as important as the food itself. It gave me the confidence to read and understand recipes. You also learn the value of teamwork. At CMK you get to know that leadership in the kitchen is by example. The saying that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ comes alive here at the CMK. All hands are on deck to clean-up the kitchen. The emphasis on hygiene and food safety could not be emphasized enough. These were not things I was going in for. As such, I got a well-rounded Culinary education at CMK!