My name is Obiageli Lekwa Ekine or You can just call me Chef Hippie. Yes, I am a professional Chef, I just graduated from CMK Culinary Art School, Port-Harcourt branch. I want to let you in on my culinary journey.

First I have passion for food. I love to cook and I enjoy cooking alot but I realised they was more to food than just cooking in the kitchen. I also realised that food is beyond Jollof Rice, Afang soup and Nkwobi…

I am not saying African delicacies are not ok but watching food networks, II saw that I needed an improvement in other to stay relevant, so my quest for more knowledge began.

I researched for culinary schools in Nigeria, I saw some but CMK won my heart. Why? I went through their profile, saw some students that they’ve trained and a particular young Chef caught my attention and I said if this one can do it, I too can.

I inquired but I was discouraged by the fees. I was following them on Facebook so I took an advantage of a free training they did, I attended that training with many others and that was where I made the decision to turn my passion to my career.

God so kind, they also advertised a discounted promo, I got lucky, I earned a whooping 20% discount on the 4th of May 2018. I enrolled and my journey began.

At CMK, I was thought from the scratch, From names of Kitchen  Utensils/Equipments to Spices, Knife skills, methods of cooking, plating alot of other things that comes with food. We were also given the opportunity to practicalize what we learn.

My confidence has grown, I am no longer afraid to try new things cos I learnt that I could try till I get the perfect result I desire.

My patience too….Like Chef Ans would always say, you don’t know where you will find yourself tomorrow…. I learnt how to keep my cool working in the kitchen with alot of people from different backgrounds. It wasn’t easy but I have really improved.
I also learnt that Giving up is not an option and consistency/ Focus is key when you want to get anything done.

I have become more creative with food. I never knew I could create a menu let alone doing a 3-course meal till Black Chef contest came up which I won…

Oh yes, I did…lol

CMK gave me the platform to express myself and i have discovered a New me.
My pattern of cooking and serving has changed. Even my pattern of prepping. I only got to know at CMK that you can cook with just pepper and salt from start to Finish….

I cannot begin to write all my experiences here but I will recommend for anyone that wants tow the Curlinary line to go CMK and taste and see.

My Name is Chef Hippie and I am A product of CMK CURLINARY Art School.
Watch out for me🤞🏽🤞🏽

I was checking for the best culinary school in Lagos on the 11th of November 2016…

I checked and checked till I bumped into Celebrity Mobile Kitchen (CMK). I was attracted by the name, so I went ahead to check for more details, from pictures to location and all, so I decided to check it out physically, and that was it.

I registered immediately and then the journey began..It was one of the best decisions I ever made. CMK is one of the best culinary to help you achieve your goal as a chef, from practical classes to theory etc. I learnt my knife skills, French cuisine, Italian cuisine, African cuisine, desserts etc… It didn’t stop there, they went ahead to provide a job as an intern in one of the biggest company in Nigeria as a chef where we cater for international Airlines….

Today, I’m the CEO of the Lush Chow. (serving it sizzling from your rich, juicy and awesome cookhouse).

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