Chef Hippie

Hello Everyone! My name is Obiageli Lekwa Ekine or You can just call me Chef Hippie. Yes, I am A professional Chef, i just graduated from CMK Culinary Art School, Portharcourt branch. I want to let you in on my culinary journey.
First I have a passion for food. I love to cook and I enjoy cooking a lot but I realised there was more to food than just cooking in the kitchen. I also realised that food is beyond Jollof Rice, Afang soup and Nkwobi…
I am not saying African delicacies are not ok but watching food networks, i saw that I needed improvement in other to stay relevant so my quest for more knowledge began.
I researched for culinary schools in Nigeria, i saw some but CMK won my heart. Why? I went through their profile, saw some students that they’ve trained and a particular young Chef caught my attention and I said if this one can do it, i too can.
I enquired but I was discouraged by the fees. I was following them on Facebook so i took advantage of a free training they did, i attended that training with many others and that was where I made the decision to turn my passion to my career.
God so kind, they also advertised a discounted promo, i got lucky, i earned a whopping 20% discount on the 4th of May 2018. I enrolled and my journey began.
At CMK, I was thought from scratch, From names of Kitchen utensils/Equipment to Spices, Knief skills, methods of cooking, plating a lot of other things that come with food. We were also given the opportunity to practicalize what we learn.
I, in particular, grew in different aspects. My confidence has grown, i am no longer afraid to try new things cos I learnt that I could try till I get the perfect result I desire.
My patience too, Like Chef Ans would always say, you don’t know where you will find yourself tomorrow… I learnt how to keep my cool working in the kitchen with a lot of people from different backgrounds. It wasn’t easy but I have really improved.
I also learnt that Giving up is not an option and consistency/ Focus is key when you want to get anything done.
I have become more creative with food. I never knew I could create a menu let alone doing a 3course meal till BlackChef context came up which i won…
Oh yes, I did…lol
CMK gave me the platform to express myself and i have discovered a new me.
My pattern of cooking and serving has changed. Even my pattern of prepping. I only got to know at CMK that you can cook with just pepper and salt from Start to Finish…
I cannot begin to write all my experiences here but I will recommend for anyone that wants tow the Culinary line to go CMK and taste and see.
My Name is Chef Hippie and I am A product of CMK Culinary Art School.
Watch out for me